At the present time it is still permitted to visit your allotment. However it is vitally important that you follow Government Guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene and do not gather on site together. Any plot holder who is self-isolating because they or a household member is ill with corona-virus should not be visiting the allotments. Government guidelines on social distancing must be adhered to. Tadcaster Town Council reserve the right to close the allotments with immediate effect.

The following information applies to all Allotment Tenants 

  • It is important to adhere to strict social distancing rules while at the allotment and travelling to and from the allotment.
  • Do not pick up anyone on the way and travel to the allotment with them. This is not allowed. 
  • Wash or sanitise your hands after using the allotment gate. It would be helpful to others if you wiped down the gate, as well, if you can. 
  • Do not wash your hands in the communal water troughs. 
  • Do not work on the allotment in groups of more than two. If you share the plot with someone from a different household then you must observe safe social distancing rules. Ideally, work out a timetable so you can visit the plot separately. 
  • If you bump into people, then maintain safe social distancing protocols at all times. 
  • Do not make anyone a cup of tea. 
  • Do not share tools. 
  • Do not visit the allotment shop. 
  • Avoid taking your children to the plot if you possibly can. If you do take them, ensure they keep to your plot and avoid playing on communal areas. 
  • If you take your dog with you, ensure it is kept on a lead, within the bounds of your own plot. If it wanders off and you need to retrieve it from communal areas this could place you and others at risk. 
  • Wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly before and after eating food, and when you get home. 

The Town Council provides allotments at two sites, at the end of Stutton Road at its junction with Leeds Road, and behind Westfield Crescent. If you are interested in renting one, please contact the Council. 

Allotment Charges

Charges for Stutton Road and Westfield Allotment Sites Tadcaster 2021. Charges are reviewed annually and are due on 1 January each year

The charges for 2021 are as follows:-
Sutton Road Allotments

Westfield Allotments
Small Plots £19.00        |        Large Plots £30.00

Each year a competition is held for the best-kept allotment on Stutton Road, in memory of Roger Clarke.

Stutton Road allotmentStutton Road allotments

Westfield allotmentsWestfield allotments