Meetings, Agendas & Minutes


The full Town Council meets every 6 to 8 weeks. Business is conducted and controlled according to Standing Orders. Much of the business is dealt with by two committees. Distinct terms of reference separate the work of Council and its two Standing Committees (Finance & General Purposes and Environment). Sub-committees and working groups are set up whenever a need arises or when there are specific issues that warrant them.


All Council meetings are open to the public and take place in the Ark. The Council encourages and welcomes public attendance and participation by advertising the meetings in the three Council notice boards (one outside the Ark in Kirkgate, one by the Stutton Road shops, and one on the hillside in Commercial Street), on this website, and in the Council's quarterly Newsletter.

Recording of Meetings

Recording of meetings is allowed to enable those not present to see or hear the proceedings either as they take place (or later) and to enable the reporting of those proceedings. A copy of the Town Council’s recording policy is available from the Town Clerk.
Use of Recordings by Third Parties - Code of Practice:

  1. Any published recording should be accompanied by a statement of when and where the recording was made, the context of the discussion that took place, and a clear identification of the main speakers and their role or title.

  2. Those making recordings must not edit the recording in a way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings or comments made by attendees. In particular there should be no internal editing of published extracts; recordings may start at any point and end at any point.

Agendas are normally published a few days before each meeting. The Minutes of meetings are published here once they have been approved at the next meeting of the full Council. Click the appropriate Committee below to view their agendas, minutes and upcoming meetings. 

Full Council

4 Apr 23 - 19:00

Annual Town Meeting

Full Council

18 Apr 23 - 19:00

Full Council

16 May 23 - 19:00

Annual Council Meeting

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