Tadcaster Cemetery


Tadcaster Cemetery is located on Leeds Road, Tadcaster LS24 9LA.  Open to the public every day from 08:00 to 20:00.  The Town Council maintains the cemetery to a high standard, and asks those who have bought burial or ashes plots to follow the set Rules and Regulations to help us to do so.

The current rules and regulations for the Cemetery are here.

Plots have to be purchased from the Town Council: this can be done at any time before a plot is used.

Cemetery Charges 2024 - 2025
Cemetery Charges 2023 - 2024

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All enquiries should be made to The Town Clerk

The Town Council has records of burials in the Cemetery dating back to 1876. Records for plots (shown on the plan) are in the original hand-written ledgers. These can be inspected by arrangement. There is a charge for family tree research.

Memorial Safety

Tadcaster Town Council reserve the right to test all headstones for safety every five years or at any time if it is suspected that the stone maybe unsafe.

If you are concerned about the safety or stability of any memorial please report it to the Town Council.  Under no circumstance attempt any remedial action yourself.


Footpath Maintenance

Some areas of footpaths in the Cemetery have been identified as requiring refurbishment, please take every due care and attention.  A rolling programme of repairs to the Cemetery footpaths will be implemented, subject to the appropriate funding being available.

The Council accepts no responsibility for the health and safety of unauthorised persons, cehicles or other belongings in the Cemetery during the hours of closure.


Topping up of graves

From time to time sunken graves will be checked and topped up as required.  If you have a grave that urgently requires topping up please let us know.


Exhumations are unusual and have to be carried out following strict procedures. We have published some Guidelines to help anyone who may be involved in one.



Other Burial Grounds

St Mary's Churchyard is a closed burial ground, maintained by Selby District Council. The Town Council has no records of these burials.

The Quaker Burial Ground on Oxton Lane was used in the seventeenth century: about a hundred people, many with descendants now living in the USA, were buried there. The records are held in the Borthwick Institute in York.

Behind the Salvation Army citadel on Chapel Street is a small, long-disused, burial ground once used by the Inghamites: they were a sect linked with the early Methodists.