Tadcaster Neighbourhood Development Plan

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Tadcaster Neighbourhood Development Plan - is an initiative led by the Town Council to determine new planning policies which will carry legal and statutory weight. From economic development, to conservation and heritage and, of course, new homes, this Plan will be an essential building block for the future of the town – working alongside North Yorkshire Council as they prepare their own Local Plan.

Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 14 Public Consultation

In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning Regulation 14, Tadcaster Town Council undertook a public consultation on its Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Public Consultation ran from 23 June 2023 – 11 August 2023.

Further Information

Should you have any further queries about the Tadcaster Neighbourhood Development Plan please contact the town council at clerk@tadcastertowncouncil.gov.uk or telephone 01937 834113



1 Governance
a Application for Neighbourhood Area Designation &  Early Draft Plan
b Approval from SDC
c Statement of Community Involvement
d Steering Group terms of reference
2 Plan development
a Early Drafts of the Plan
b Agreed Pre Submission Plan - Pre-Submission Policies Map
3 Consultation
Submission Draft Plan 
i NDP Early Draft - Policy Intentions Document
ii 2021 Community Survey 
iii NDP Letter
iv Questionnaire
Pre Submission Draft Plan
i Agreed Pre Submission Plan
ii Pre-Submission Policies Map
iii Tadcaster NDP Questionnaire
iv Tadcaster NDP Summary
v Tadcaster NDP Covering Letter
4 Evidence base
a SDC Local evidence base
b Local Green Space Assessment
c Other Evidence
Tadcaster Conservation Area Appraisal
Planning for Neurodiversity
Social Vision
Tadcaster Design Code
Car Parking Workshop Notes
Tadcaster Visitor Strategy
Tadcaster Culture Strategy
Tadcaster Housing Needs Assessment
Air Quality and Emissions Planning Technical Guide
Tadcaster NDP Survey Data
North Yorkshire Rights of Way Improvement Plan
PID Consultation Results
SDC Appendix B - Draft Low Carbon Strategy 2021 - 2030
Wharfebank Mill Lane 2012 - 2040 Full Planning Statement
Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan
Green Space Audit | North Yorkshire Council
Schedule of Evidence Base Documents 
5 Project Plan
a Project Plan
6 Agendas and Minutes of group 
26th February 2024 - Agenda - Minutes 
11th January 2024 - Agenda - Minutes 
18th December 2023 - Agenda - Minutes
6th December 2023 - Agenda - Minutes
23rd October 2023 - Agenda - Minutes 
19th June 2023 - Agenda - Minutes
22nd May 2023 - Agenda - Minutes
17th April 2023 - Agenda - Minutes 
20th March 2023 - Agenda - Minutes
23rd January 2023 - Agenda - Minutes
18th November 2022 - Agenda - Minutes 
10th October 2022 - Agenda - Minutes 
15th August 2022 - Agenda - Minutes
11th July 2022 - Agenda - Minutes
6th June 2022 - Agenda - Minutes 
21st March 2022 - Agenda - Minutes 
14th February 2022
26th January 2022
6th October 2021
6th September 2021
15th March 2021
4th February 2021
17th December 2020
26th November 2020
27th October 2020 
7 Tadcaster Town Council – Selby Local Plan Correspondence
TTC response to Revised Publication Selby Local Plan 2024 Consultation
Final TTC Response to 2022 Local Plan 
Final response to Selby District Council Local Plan March 2021