WEA Local courses starting in January and February 2021

Published: 19 November 2020

If you enrol on the online courses below you may already know the tutor, or you will get the chance to get to know them before you meet in the classroom.

Course title                                                                                             Tutor                                    Course ref.
Building Resilience                                                                                Chris Hailey Norris             C3678786
Planning Your Career and exploring Work Options Part1                     Chris Hailey Norris             C3678787
ATI Managing Emotions*                                                                      Chris Hailey Norris             C3678789
Positive Psychology for Happiness and Wellbeing - Free Taster           Rakesh Aggarwal                C3678779
Introduction to Positive Psychology for Happiness and Wellbeing       Rakesh Aggarwal                C3678781
Intro to Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Hectic World                         Judith Robinson                  C3678796 & C3678798 & C3678801
Greek Basic Conversation for Beginners - Free Taster                          Eleni Vezyri-Allison           C3678834
Greek Basic Conversation for Beginners                                               Eleni Vezyri-Allison            C3678835
Beginners Modern Greek for fun                                                           Eleni Vezyri-Allison            C3678828 & C3678857
Everyday Greek for Improvers                                                               Eleni Vezyri-Allison            C3678833 & C3678856
Greek Conversation for Experienced Learners                                      Eleni Vezyri-Allison             C3678847
Painting in Acrylic and Collage 1: Farmed Landscapes                        Clare Wake                           C3678748 & C3678749
Painting in Acrylic and Collage 2: Mountain Landscapes                     Clare Wake                           C3678750 & C3678751
Advanced Latin for Pleasure                                                                  Penny Fewster                      C3678742
Ancient Greek for Beginners                                                                  Penny Fewster                      C3678743
History: Bombs, Beveridge and New Beginnings                                  Katie Croft                           C3678722
History: Georgian York and the Wider World                                        Katie Croft                            C3678723
History: Anglo Saxons and Vikings                                                       Katie Croft                            C3678724

*for clients of Action Towards Inclusion Partners only.
“I’m really enjoying Zoom lessons. It gives me a chance to do courses not available in my area. Also it’s helpful as I find it difficult to get out even locally” -Samantha, WEA Student
Enrol online or call 0300 303 3464
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