Tadcaster Brewery Heritage Centre proposed in our proud town

Published: 28 April 2022

Tadcaster Brewery Heritage Centre proposed in our proud town

FREE pop-up exhibition, 25th to 28th May, in the Tadcaster Social Club on Westgate.

A small team lead by Paul Emmott, our newest councillor, has been working hard across many disciplines to finally achieve the ambition to open a
Heritage Centre in Tadcaster that showcases the centuries of brewing in our town.

The plans are to create a Major Tourist Attraction in the town to achieve 2 purposes.

1. To have a symbol of the many generations of brewery workers who have made Tadcaster famous in the Brewing Industry – where the skills, dedication and loyalty to one or more breweries have created and maintained a top-class image in a shrinking industry.

2. More importantly the visitors to this prestigious experience will be a major force for regeneration of our stagnant town. With ambitious targets of over a thousand visitors per week, employment and volunteer opportunities, this Centre will soon be as important as any scheme to re-energise our town after natural disasters and contentious car parking plans!

Aiding Paul and his team are the National Brewing Centre in Burton-on-Trent, who are giving all the help they can to get this vital project to fruition. Our website
www.tadcasterbrewingheritagecentre.org.uk will explain more to the townsfolk of Tadcaster and a free pop-up exhibition is planned, from 25th to 28th May, in the Tadcaster Social Club on Westgate.

This will provide an insight into our plans and how you can become involved along with a showcase to how the Heritage Centre will utilize the latest technology, making the Centre a thrilling and informative tourist attraction drawing in visitors from across Yorkshire, the North of England and beyond.

Why now?
The idea for a Brewing Museum has been on the plans of Selby District Council for many years, who recognize that it would be a major regeneration project but have never had the impetus to make it happen.

Tadcaster Town Council fully supports the initiative to get extra visitors into the town as well as having a venue where the townsfolk and their families can become involved and show their pride in what we have achieved over generations. 

The Town Council has granted a small amount of funding to get things moving and it is hoped that SDC will be providing the majority of the set-up costs after which the Centre should be self-sufficient, and any profits have to be reinvested in the enterprise as the Company has been formulated as a CIC – Community Interest Company.

The 2 International Brewers breweries are now involved – and why not as there are only 8 major breweries left in the UK and we have 2 of them (Burton-on-Trent also has 2) along with one of the largest independent brewers.

There is still a long way to go but great progress has been made so far and when a venue is secured, the enterprise will be ready to press ahead to make it all happen in the next 9-12 months.

We need your support, so come along and visit our free exhibition in May.


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